Lauren's All Purpose Salve

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Lauren Willson


On a recent delivery to Commend, one of my favorite spaces in Manhattan, the topic of skin protection came up in conversation. Not surprising since NYC was enshrouded in a blizzard and barely a nose peeped out of passerby’s thick winter layers. Lounging on giant, marble-dyed pillows shaped like a hug, Nina and I shared tips on keeping smooth and soft in the winter.

Some advice:

1.     Protect yourself in those steamy showers! Rub on Lauren’s All Purpose Salve before you get in the shower. It may seem counterintuitive but try it. Steam is great for the body but if you’re already dried out that hot water is going to denature the skin's natural oils, making it hard to keep in moisture. Rub yourself down with a washcloth or towel afterwards and be satisfied to see the dirt comes off without using harsh soaps or scrubs. And your skin will feel incredibly smooth.

2.     If running or biking outdoors happens year-round for you (v. impressive!) put a thick layer on your face to prevent chapping. Also, it just hurts less.

3.     Hair gets dried out and damaged in the radiator heat of the indoors. Use LAPS in it at night to keep it shiny.

4.     Spend a little extra time rubbing LAPS into your cuticle beds and knuckles. Hands and feet will be so happy.

5. Mix LAPS with lotion or emulsify it with some rose water spray (I love Sharktooth's!) for a less thick but equally protecting layer. 

Hope this helps. Please send me any silky smooth tips I missed! Overall it’s much easier to prevent dryness from happening than curing it once it’s too late, so protect yourself ;) 

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