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Lauren Willson

Personally I call Hillery my fairy godmother and I believe I'm one of many. She has a unique ability to stay playful and connected to heart while running a successful business in Williamsburg. (Technically she's an esthetician, but in reality it's so much more.) Spending time with Hillery is wonderful in all ways. Often one might walk away wondering what she knows that you don't. 

When it comes to your beauty routine do you recommend mixing it up or sticking to it? 

I mostly come from the school of “if it ain’t broke…” The issue I have with the beauty industry is with the push to buy products. I think that most of us have 200% more in our bathrooms and closets than we actually need. My approach is a little more playful; body soaps and scrubs. As long as it’s not doing any harm, it’s fun to be adventurous. With face stuff: figure out what works for you. You don’t have to jump at the new thing that everyone is swearing by. 

What are your favorite products?

Well… you see there’s this salve :) that.. uh.. 

Honestly, I do love your salve. It’s a perfect thing for me. I have a tendency to like things that have a multiple purpose. Because I’m not going to do a lot. I have these dreams where I’m that woman who has an insert that goes into every bag and always wears heels. But that’s never who I’m going to be and that’s not what works for me. It’s more so if I can reach into my bag and grab something and put it on my hands and the ends of my hair and heels I’m happy.

I also love Palermo Body's face serum. Everything that goes into it is very well researched and sourced. And it’s reasonably priced which always makes me feel good.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for summertime?

As the weather gets warmer, go a little lighter with the products. I would like to think people are wearing sunscreen year-round but summer is a great time to up that a little. Also, a little but more exfoliation… cuz you’re getting hot, sweaty and hopefully sandy.

(Hillery uses Mario Badesco Oil-Free SPF 17. She often recommends Juice Beauty Oil-Free Suncscreen to clients.)

What are pores, how do you make them smaller, how do you know if your pores are too large? 

Sort of an interesting question… I carry the belief that you actually can’t shrink pores. All of the things that are being sold that say “shrink pores”  are actually saying you can minimize the appearance of them by cleaning and exfoliating… either chemical or mechanical. It’s sort of the only thing you can really do because you’re given your pores by God, so, can’t really change that.

For people who shave their face, do you have any tips?

If it’s a pre-shaving thing, exfoliation is always going to be great. Treat a beard like you would your face. Wash, condition, put a beard oil in it. (Hillery recommends Starkweather Oil.) 

Anything else? 

Yes. Be nice to your reflection. Don’t pick at yourself, don’t be mean to yourself. Practice that every day. 





Lauren Willson

LAPS is not sunscreen. Coconut oil has protective properties and Shea butter allegedly has an SPF of 6. Last summer I chose to do a little experiment. Could LAPS work as a viable sunscreen? I really went for it and chose to test it out on the first day my pale winter legs saw the sun. Lets just say things didn’t work out so well. I got burnt. However, after swathing my burnt legs in LAPS that evening, I woke up with lovely brown skin. BUT BUT BUT even though sunburns fade, the skin damage never goes away. Which is why it’s extremely important to stay vigilant in protecting your skin from the sun.

The sun’s rays are stronger than ever. Use a sun lotion with SPF 30 or above. Mineral sunscreens contain natural chemicals like zinc oxide as the main active ingredient. Supergoop is my favorite! Also consider wearing a big hat, sitting under an umbrella and covering up with protective clothing. You’ll still be sun-kissed. And have an air of beach mystique.


LAPS is an excellent after-sun lotion to rub on yourself when you’re feeling sleepy and happy after a day soaking up rays. I will emphasize: LAPS is not sunscreen :)



Lauren Willson

"Have been religiously slathering on my face (including lips) and hands before and after every run. Unlike Vaseline, it is totally absorbed by my skin keeping it moisturized the entire time (e.g. after my recent windy, freezing long run my face still felt freakily soft) & it doesn't cause me to break out (and any new product ALWAYS makes me breakout) since it's only made from natural ingredients. Bonus- it smells amazing! I'm thrilled to finally find a product that protects my skin during runs and prevents all those annoying dry patches while not making me look like a gooey faced monster." -Sheela, @svpnyc

(surprise!) PRESS

Lauren Willson

Yesterday around noon I sat trying to remember the six different muscles attached to the eyeball when my phone buzzed with an Instagram notification. 

"small bevy (@smallbevy) has tagged you in a photo"

I did not know who this person was and wondered if it was a mistake. I clicked on the photo and it showed a stylishly hazy shot of products, including Glossier. Then I truly thought they had mistaken @laurensallpurpose for something else. 

"Add a little hygge to your skincare with comforting balms. My latest @forbes piece highlights some of the best." 

Shocked, I followed the link to find out Lauren's All Purpose Salve was one of her picks! Humbled to be in the company of these other amazing products. 


Lauren Willson


On a recent delivery to Commend, one of my favorite spaces in Manhattan, the topic of skin protection came up in conversation. Not surprising since NYC was enshrouded in a blizzard and barely a nose peeped out of passerby’s thick winter layers. Lounging on giant, marble-dyed pillows shaped like a hug, Nina and I shared tips on keeping smooth and soft in the winter.

Some advice:

1.     Protect yourself in those steamy showers! Rub on Lauren’s All Purpose Salve before you get in the shower. It may seem counterintuitive but try it. Steam is great for the body but if you’re already dried out that hot water is going to denature the skin's natural oils, making it hard to keep in moisture. Rub yourself down with a washcloth or towel afterwards and be satisfied to see the dirt comes off without using harsh soaps or scrubs. And your skin will feel incredibly smooth.

2.     If running or biking outdoors happens year-round for you (v. impressive!) put a thick layer on your face to prevent chapping. Also, it just hurts less.

3.     Hair gets dried out and damaged in the radiator heat of the indoors. Use LAPS in it at night to keep it shiny.

4.     Spend a little extra time rubbing LAPS into your cuticle beds and knuckles. Hands and feet will be so happy.

5. Mix LAPS with lotion or emulsify it with some rose water spray (I love Sharktooth's!) for a less thick but equally protecting layer. 

Hope this helps. Please send me any silky smooth tips I missed! Overall it’s much easier to prevent dryness from happening than curing it once it’s too late, so protect yourself ;) 

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Lauren Willson

My favorite part about being in grad school is unlimited access to online research databases. Having spent weeks of my life in high school researching papers with antique archival equipment, my appreciation for command+F is profound. This past week I spent hours researching the ingredients in LAPS: 

shea butter: extremely moisturizing and nourishing. contains the same fatty acids that make our cell walls so naturally regenerates and restores skin cells (bye bye wrinkles!). antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. cleopatra used it. SPF 6. 

coconut oil: before moving to NYC Lauren worked as a journalist in Bangkok, Thailand. her Thai coworkers attributed their supple, youthful skin to coconut oil. coconut oil works by improving the skin barrier function, thus keeping in moisture and protecting the skin from harmful free radicals. anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. great for healing burns and extremely dry skin. reduces protein loss when used in hair. 

hemp oil: hemp oil has all the essential fatty acids, omega 3-6-9s and magnesium, calcium and chlorophyll. it's non-comodogenic and won't clog pores. the chemical structure of the oil mimics the oils we naturally produce, so it works with our skin to cleanse and maintain homeostasis. natural humectant, which means it draws in moisture. penetrates to the hair follicle reducing dandruff.  

burdock root: demulcent, which means it reduces inflammation and irritation. promotes the release of toxins. for centuries in the Americas and in Asia burdock has been used as a folk treatment for cancer. antibacterial and anti-candidal, however promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. heals boils, canker sores and sties. 

jojoba oil: similar composition to the oils produced by our skin. can easily move into a pore and clean out any dead skin or bacteria. Vitamin E and mineral rich. antibacterial. fungicide. native americans used jojoba to treat wounds because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

sweet almond oil: emollient for the skin. great for rosacea, dry skin and eczema. rich in protein and zinc, Vitamins E and A. 

lavender: excellent stress reliever. studies show that stress is one of the main reasons for skin diseases and flare-ups. great for sunburn relief. smelling lavender alleviates headaches. 

peppermint: antimicrobial. relieves sore muscles. 

patchouli: general heal-all used for centuries. studies show it protects against cancerous cells.