Lauren's All Purpose Salve

lauren's all purpose


Salve is a balm, cream or moisturizer used to promote health.  As a verb, salve means to comfort or soothe. Lauren's All Purpose Salve is an everyday cream that can be used anywhere that needs a tender touch.

I began concocting my own blend of salve to remedy my scarred forearms from working long shifts on the line in NYC kitchens. While researching various ingredients I noticed that most organic products have a variation of the same ingredients but are marketed for specific areas of the body. Why not have one cream that I can use for everything? 

After an apprenticeship with Brooklyn Herborium, an Organic Chemistry class and a couple years of tweaking the recipe, my moisturizing routine became simply Lauren's All Purpose Salve or LAPS. One salve for all your problems. 

When I’m not rubbing LAPS on myself and others, you can find me in the library studying for a masters of Nutrition and Public Health at Columbia or working part-time as a photo assistant.